Game Driven Technology™
Optimum Performance for the Ultimate Game
AMPD provides customized technology infrastructure specifically for game developers and publishers. From the workstation to development infrastructure, AMPD designs and deploys technology specific to both the studio and the game.
Our Online Game Platform as a Service OG-PaaS™ is designed to give publishers, and developers who are self publishing, a platform that is customized exactly to the needs of the game being hosted online.
Our team has been building development infrastructure for over 10 years for close to 100 different studios. We have built game publishing platforms for AAA online games with integrated third party services, and developed custom portals.
AMPD designs, plans, deploys and manages game technologies. Our team engages with you early in the process to build a plan that works, and is there to provide dedicated support that is familiar with each client's solution.

Collaborative not Prescriptive

AMPD understands that each game has specific requirements

The AMPD Canadian Advantage
AMPD Games is a North American company with direct access to the U.S. online gaming market. As an AMPD customer you will reap the economic, geographic and technical benefits of working with a Canadian company.

  • Substantially lower business taxes
  • Eliminate US Sales Tax Nexus
  • Pay in Canadian Dollars (~$0.80 USD)
  • Fastest network in North America
  • Extremely low latency
  • Access to the world's most redundant hosting and power infrastructure
  • Highly educated and experienced gaming technical resources